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tango o getto!

Get the Japanese word!

tango o getto! - Claim the Japanese Words!
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This is tango_claims, a place where you can "claim" certain words or phrases in Japanese.


1. No claim limit, just don't claim everything in sight.
2. Please check claim list before claiming.
3. Once something is claimed it cannot be claimed again.
4. Since Japanese and other languages have words that are the same but have different meanings, please include the English translation and make sure it is accurate.
5. Include the Japanese text if possible...
6. Dialects are accepted
7. Be sure to add your claim after getting your entry done! =)


(Updated July 2005)

yukinoitazuchi claims:

yuki - snow
okini - Thank you! {Osaka Dialect}

jesscheaux claims:

kotoba - word/phrase
damaru - shut up/be quiet

ichiruki claims:

akai - crimson
chou - butterfly

jubeanation claims:

ishindenshin - telepathy

whitez claims:

kimochi - feelings